Anzio: view of the port from above
Anzio: view of the port from above

Anzio is an Italian town of 49,731 inhabitants in the province of Rome in Lazio.
In antiquity Antium (the current Anzio and Nettuno) was the capital city of the Volsci population for a long time, until it was absorbed into the Roman state.

Anzio is located in the Agro Romano, whose southern limit is marked by the Astura river, 58 kilometers south of Rome, and 26 kilometers west of Latina. The city center develops on the homonymous promontory, stretching out over the Tyrrhenian Sea. The climate of Anzio is typically Mediterranean.

Numerous remains of Roman villas along the coast: works of art such as La Fanciulla di Anzio, Il Gladiatore Borghese, now in the Louvre, and the Apollo Belvedere, preserved in the Vatican, were all found in patrician residences of the ancient Antium.
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